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Race Date:   Saturday, August 6, 2016

ERR Sailors - As you all know the 2015 version of the ERR was spectacular with bright sun and stronger winds than we have seen in many years. With the breeze, the ebb tide, and a very much less than ideal layout of the finish line, the race committee had significant difficulties with identifying every boat. After several hours analyzing notes and reviewing images and video from various iPhones the race committee still had a number of times without boats attached to them and boats that we know were there without times.

If each skipper could review the results on the ERR website, then email any corrections, changes, or other info to the race committee leader, Richard Stetson, at, we should be able to improve these results. Useful data include the time that you crossed the finish line as well as the names of other boats that finished near you.

Thanks in advance for your attention,

ERR Race Committee

The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta began humbly in 1985 with thirteen wooden boats and a dream. Organizer Steve White along with Frank Hull of Brooklin Boatyard first envisioned the race as an opportunity for wooden boat owners to get to together and enjoy each others company as well as to compete. The race quickly grew to 125 boats and is now co-hosted by Brooklin Boatyard and Rockport Marine.. The Regattas 15-mile course has remained the same over the years and only once was the race cancelled due to fog. (The party still happened though!) The Camden Feeder Regatta and the Castine Classic Yacht Race soon joined the ERR to create a truly spectacular three-day event.

We want to thank WoodenBoat Publications for the generous use of their grounds for our event.

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